Welcome: What to Expect from She Tried It 24/7

Hi Friend!

Thank you for visiting my blog, shetriedit247.com. My name is Meisha Moore. I am a petite, Black, millennial (and I bare these titles proudly) originally from Boston, Massachusetts. I attended Elon University with studies in Marketing and Project Management and when I graduated in 2016, I decided that I would stay in North Carolina, alone (most of my friends had moved away and my family remained in Massachusetts).

I started this blog for three different reasons…

Blogging is a hobby and a passion of mineIMG_4319

When I’m not at work, writing is something I’ve taken up to express myself and get creative. I work a regular 8-5 in the insurance industry so getting creative keeps me sane. It also gives me a reason to get out and go do things in my new town; I need something to write about, right?

My dream job is in the Marketing industry

I love the concept and practice of marketing and advertising, that’s what I went to school for in hopes of making a career out of it. However, when I graduated from college, I was denied even an interview for any marketing positions because of my lack of real-world experience. I settled in insurance since that’s what my internships entailed while I was in school. Now I actually don’t mind insurance, and I’m grateful for the job I have, but I want to love my job. Marketing and advertising my blog will allow me to practice and gain some of the experience needed to finally get my dream job!

I want to share my experiences with you


I enjoy reading and I’ve learned a lot of life lessons from doing so. I hope that the lessons and tips that I share with you will aid you in your journey through adulthood and vice versa (via your comments). For example, I’m $200,000 in student loan debt. Even if you do not have that much debt (or if you have more), my lifestyle revolves around doing the things I love to do while still making sure I am able to fulfill my responsibilities to the Department of Education and Sallie Mae. Please, leave comments and provide feedback, I’d love to learn from you as well.

Some of the topics that will be discussed on shetriedit247.com include:

  1. Lifestyle
  2. Health & Fitness
  3. Travel
  4. DIY
  5. Reviews
  6. Finances
  7. Style (Not Fashion, Style)

img_4383I hope you enjoy what’s to come with  shetriedit247.com and remember, your feedback is greatly appreciated. You can leave comments on my posts, Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/SheTriedIt247/), Twitter (https://twitter.com/SheTriedIt247) or Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/shetriedit247/).

Like and/or share if the spirit so moves you 😊



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