Dear Future Husband, I Thought About You Today

I have been through my share of heartbreaks for what I feel like is enough for a lifetime. I am currently single and compared to my most recent situation, I prefer it that way. However, I do sometimes feel like I am missing out. My friends from high school and college are getting married and starting families and I’m still trying to figure out how to cook rice. I actually, honestly, do not know what I would do with a baby human in my possession.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, maybe?) I am a hopeless romantic. I love sharing my life experiences with that someone who I have so much in common with, who understands me and accepts me for the crazy enigma I am; my best friend. I hope to one day share the rest of my life with such a person. But I don’t think I’ve found them yet.

pexels-photo-888894.jpegOne night, I confirmed a movie date with the most cynical, combative man I’d ever met. I mean this guy says no to everything. I suggested he try going to the movies by himself one day and he responded ‘never’ like only weirdos do that. I don’t see myself with this person long term, but he could make a good friend since we have a similar sense of humor and taste in music. I agreed to go to the movies with him anyway, I guess, because he wanted to see Black Panther and I wanted something to do during the week and did not mind going to see it again. After this, I hopped in the shower and one of my favorite songs started playing: ‘Haven’t Met You Yet,’ by Michael Bublé.

As I sang along, a feeling of sorrow for all my failed relationships yet hope for my future relationships (and ultimately marriage) fell over me. I know that I’ll ‘give so much more than I get, I just haven’t met you yet.’ That is when I began to draft a mental letter to my future husband that went something like this…

Dear Future Husband,

I can’t wait to finally meet you. I remember the exact moment I knew I wanted a husband. I was walking back to my apartment, junior year of college, after class one afternoon and as I was walking up the steps, I began to pray. I asked God to send me someone to love, who loves and respects me and accepts me for who I am.

I imagine you have a heart of gold and the patience of a saint because I’m going to require a lot of patience. I’ve been emotionally hurt many times in my life and therefore, I am slow to trust people. I’ve also been independent most of my life. I don’t ask for help much because, besides my mom, I’ve never had many people I could ask. So have patience with me, and offer your help and encouragement if I seem overwhelmed.

I’m a very simple, low maintenance kind of girl. Your love, respect, attention, and affection are all I want. I don’t expect weekly date nights, or monthly anniversaries, or spontaneous gifts (although those things are nice). I’d much rather spend time with you, at home, curled up on the couch watching a movie or our favorite show. I cook too, (it’s much more cost-effective) and it’d be so much fun to cook with you a few nights.

If you can provide me with all that I need (emotional support, a hug, and a kiss), I promise to give you all that I have. Your life will never be dull, as I am a silly one, I’m adventurous, and I like to have fun. You’ll never feel lonely; I’m a great listener and I’ve been told that I give the best hugs. I don’t like to argue, but I will discuss with you, any issues you may bring up. If we can agree on mutual respect for one another, honesty and unconditional positive regard, I promise you, you’ll be the happiest man on earth (a happy wife is a happy life).

Wherever you are, I’m excited for the day that our paths finally cross.


Your Future Wife


Inspired by

Haven’t Met You Yet- Michael Bublé

Sunday Morning – Maroon 5

Rhythm of Love – Plain White T’s

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