Beautiful Health Series: Benefits of Probiotics

Many of us hear all the time that probiotics are good for you. We hear all the time that we need to eat yogurt, like Activia, that will keep us ‘regular.’ That phrase definitely does not inspire me to eat more yogurt. However, there are other benefits to probiotics than just being ‘regular.’

Let’s start with…

What is a probiotic?chocolate-dark-coffee-confiserie-65882.jpeg

Probiotics are living bacteria and yeast, or micro-organisms, that are ingested through food or drinks. Probiotics are commonly known as ‘friendly’ bacteria. Although we know that probiotics can be found in yogurt, you can also find it in soy milk, kefir, sauerkraut, dark chocolate, dill pickles, miso, and olives. I get most of my probiotics through the consumption of dark chocolate and dill pickles which I can put on a turkey hot dog, turkey burger, or tuna salad.

Health Benefits of Probiotics

Not only are probiotics good for your digestive system, they can also help boost your immune system since they are able to fight off bad bacteria. In addition, probiotics metabolize fats and cholesterol which can aid in weight loss and maintenance. Lastly, probiotics produce vitamin K (which regulates blood clotting and transports calcium) and boost antioxidants.

Beauty Benefits of Probiotics

pexels-photo-819105.jpegAccording to WorldHealth. net, good bacteria and yeasts have been proven as an effective anti-aging remedy. Probiotics help produce vitamin B, vitamin B-12, and vitamin K. These vitamins are essential for anti-aging. Probiotics also help to fight free radicals which cause wrinkles.

Probiotics also cleanse your liver, which has a great deal to do with your skin and eye health. A clean liver can aid in skin looking younger, fewer liver spots, and brighter eyes.

Probiotics can also benefit your hair and nails. Probiotics attack the bad bacteria in order to keep the blood clean and regulated. Healthy blood is responsible for the nourishment of the blood vessels around each hair follicle promoting thicker and more lustrous hair. Probiotics also aid in breaking down proteins, that you’ve consumed, into amino acids, which build healthy and strong nails.

Probiotics are more than just bacteria that make you poop. They’re good bacteria that fight off the bad bacteria so that your immune system can remain healthy. They also have great beauty benefits that allow your skin to remain glowing and wrinkle-free, and your hair and nails to look great.

How do you get your probiotics? Have you noticed a change in your appearance from their consumption?


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