Bon Voyage: What to Pack for My Week in Paris

I’m off to Paris for a week and I am so excited. This will be my first time in Paris and I really wanted to make a good impression on the Parisians, so I looked up some fashion do’s and dont’s (I’m not trying to be that rude American).

From different articles I’ve read, including the Huffington Post What Not to Do in Paris, by SmarterTravel, it turns out, Parisians are way more fashionable than Americans (but I guess we knew this). Think somewhere between snappy casual and business casual. Wearing shorts and/or flip-flops would scream tourist, so I did some conscious packing and avoided both. With only a carry on bag and a whole week to spend in Paris, these are the outfits I decided to pack.

Day 1


Although I could easily up any look with the addition of heels, I’m not all too familiar with Paris and feel I would have difficulty if I needed to walk long distances, especially on those cobblestone streets.

Day 2

I’ve heard Paris weather can be quite fickle during this time of year, so layers was one of my main goals when packing for my trip.

Day 3

Mother Nature decided she wanted to rain over Paris during the majority of my trip, so I specifically bought these cute ankle rain boots that would be easy to pack in a duffle bag and could bring any outfit together.

Day 4

Although it looks like it may rain a lot of the time while I’m in Paris, that doesn’t mean that the temperature is going to let up. It’s predicted to be in the 80s (Fahrenheit) the whole time, so I am also trying to keep outfits lightweight. In addition, if it happens to rain on any day, I can easily add my rain boots to any of these outfits.

Day 5

Dark/ neutral colors seem to be a real Parisian staple. (This outfit may be slightly altered with a sheer, sleeveless button-up shirt, and a black skirt).

Day 6

Just a light, flannel print, button up for those muggy, rainy days. On day 7, which is also travel day, I plan to go back to my basic self and wear a sweatshirt and stretch pants for the plane ride home. I have to be comfortable on that 8-hour flight.

Just in Case

We can call these the just in case outfits. That means, just in case we go to a fancy dinner or to a club, or just need to look a little nicer than usual for some unknown reason. One of these outfits will be used for the wine and cheese tasting my friends and I have planned!

What do you think? Will the Parisians accept me as their own? Which is your favorite outfit? Leave a comment below.



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