25 Life Lessons Gathered in 25 Years

As I’m nearing the final days of my 24th year of life, I thought I’d reflect upon the life I’ve lived so far and the lessons that I have learned.

  1. Some people will treat you like crap if you let them
  2. Other people will love you the way you deserve if you let them
  3. Theta2The dentist is your friend; go to him/her
  4. The first one is not always THE one
  5. If you play with the puppy, you get licked in the mouth (If you lay down with dogs, you wake up with fleas).
  6. It’s okay to test out different jobs until you find the one you like
  7. The same goes for guys
  8. Splurge (a reasonable amount) on clothing; cheaper clothes don’t last as long
  9. Take care of your car and it shall take care of you
  10. Don’t take your mother for granted; she is the best
  11. And she is not wrong (most of the time)
  12. Just chill out
  13. Just because you put syrup on something don’t make it pancakes
  14. Good things come to those who wait
  15. Good things also come in small packages
  16. Don’t compare yourself to others, chances are they’re struggling just as much as you are
  17. Animals have a knack for bringing out your compassionate side
  18. Just because you can, does not mean you should
  19. IMG_2420If your full-time corporate job does not offer benefits, please leave
  20. People don’t change just because you want them to
  21. Expensive things are overrated; quality is where it’s at
  22. Think about it; is your number one choice school worth the cost?
  23. Cook; it’s often faster, cheaper, and healthier than going out and it’s a good skill to have
  24. Maintain only those relationships that make you feel good
  25. Somehow, it all works out in the end

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