Quarter Life Crisis: 26 Things I Want to Do Before 26

On this day, 25 years ago, a beautiful baby girl was born in Boston, Massachusetts. She had no idea what trials and tribulations, successes and achievements life would have in store for her. That baby girl was me!

Although I’ve achieved some things in my life I never would have considered when I was younger, like moving away from home and living on my own, or adopting and caring for a dog, or even starting a blog, I’ve made plenty of mistakes (getting myself into $200,000 of student loan debt for one) and there are still some things I would like to achieve.

Here are 26 things I’d like to accomplish before turning 26.

1. Go back to school for my master’s degree

2. Start my career in marketing

3. Pay off $5,000 in debt

4. Make 3 new, good friends

5. Develop a marketing portfolio

6. See more success with She Tried It

7. Volunteer at the animal shelter at least once per month

8. Go camping

9. Go to the beach

10. Call my grandparents more often

12. Have an emergency fund of $2,000

13. See a play or musical

14. Take more pictures

15. Learn to bake a pie from scratch

16. Go apple picking

17. Build something

18. Have a dinner party

19. Decorate my apartment so it feels more like home

20. Read 10 novels just for fun

21. Take a mini vacation to another city

22. Watch 10 IMDb top rated movies

24. Go to 10 restaurants I’ve never tried before

25. Get out of my comfort zone

26. Be nicer, love harder

As the year goes on, I will continue to revisit this post and check off goals as I accomplish them. Hopefully, by September 12, 2019, this list will be totally crossed off!

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